Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My profile tells you a little about me, but I want to introduce myself and what I am doing here. My name is Monica and I am the creator/designer of aftermidnightdesigns.etsy.com. I wanted to start a blog sharing my creations, other's creations, tips and ideas, and all other kinds of things dealing with crafting. I will try to make this easy to read, understand, and sometimes funny ( I can't promise you it will be though). So, to start out with I will show you what I make. This piece is a choker that I made then fixed it and then redid it. This is the final work. I promised myself I wouldn't touch it again. I will post regularly what I make and add to my etsy shop. So for now, that is it. I will be back soon with something else to say or share.

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